Natural and organic inputs

for any soil, any crop, organic and conventional

Up'ness is aimed at farmers conventional and organic aware of the need to change and who want to implement innovative, avant-garde solutions that have proven their worth .

We have developed a method for:

  • diagnose your soils

  • tips

  • develop and offer you a range of inputs offering a global and total response

  • monitor applications and results.

Our solutions are alternatives to chemistry and copper and thus meet the new needs of `` zero pesticides '' in complete safety and with respect for nature.

This method, simple to implement and reassuring, allows farmers to

  • regenerate their soils

  • grow without diseases or pests

  • grow without control methods, whether chemical or biological

while preserving or increasing the quality of crops and financial benefits .

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Our solutions adapt to all soils and all crops


Who are we ?

The DNA of Up'ness


Dear Farmers,

I am the founder of Up'ness.

Coming from a large family of farmers in field crops and market gardening in greenhouses, soil and above ground, I continued the profession for 15 years. My background allows me to understand the land, plants and the needs of farmers.

Up'ness was created in the pragmatic observation of the abundant nature.

Our methods and inputs reverse the current paradigm, based on struggle and shifting problems. On the contrary, they are a global solution in full harmony with nature. In addition, they make it possible to clean up, regenerate and face new climatic challenges.

What you experience and observe is just the fruit of it.

By cultivating my own values of power, humility and honesty, I build Up'ness in this mindset. And our team is full of energy and joy in sharing our results with you.


We can't lie to nature

When what is done is right , it clearly shows it to you and vice versa.

When we've done our job well, yours becomes easy.

Our products are organic and go beyond organic.

Their purest vocation is to bring well-being, abundance and health to the soil, plants, the environment and people.

They are the result of soil analysis and observation of what is full of life. The best example is undoubtedly the equatorial forest. You will observe the abundance of vegetation in all its aspects - growth, diversity, health - although the climate is hot and water-saturated (which you qualify as hostile and conducive to fungal and insect diseases, is not- not?).

Our products are composed of extracts of plants and algae and minerals in small quantities, selected according to criteria of high quality and not price. Extracts that we know how to make coexist with each other at extremely high concentrations .

About our methods


We work on the principle of sending information * to the soil and to the plant, and not of sending it mass products that unbalance.

As the origin is natural, the information is adapted and global . They stimulate the soil and plants just like they are in these areas of abundance.

This is why our products are suitable for desert areas as well as for humid areas, etc., ie whatever the soil and the plants.

One of the consequences is that the leaves or fruits contain 5 to 20 times more minerals than the control , even if we do not provide these elements and the principles of self-defense are activated. This is very useful both for yields, quality, resistance to frost and heat waves.

You will observe that your floors become sponges, absorbing rainwater and returning it, saving 30 to 50% water. They catalyze the minerals in the root growth area. Microbial life returns to an unparalleled level. The ground loosens up, gets airy. Dig, analyze and see for yourself.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

* About information:

When a chemical nitrogen supply is made, certainly for the purpose of production, its form sends information to the plant to stop its self-defense process and its autotrophic capacity. In other words, you stop her vital functions and she becomes dependent and you too! So you are sending information but you don't know it. Knowing this allows you to change your approach.

Does that sound exceptional to you? So observe the equatorial forests, do they exist for you? Are they on earth? Have we invented?

If we provide you with the composition of our products, you will notice, like us, that it is not the knowledge of this which makes it possible to interpret your results , because there is no relation between the quantity of 'a mineral provided and its quantity present in the plant: it is the stimulation that allows it.

Like a Michelin-starred chef's recipe, it is the subtlety of the mixtures of ingredients of pure origin, arranged in a given order, that creates the result.

This is our know-how.

This constitutes a balancing, total and global approach for the plant and for the soil , which has nothing to do with a treatment product and which cannot be reasoned as such.


regenerated soil

  • Increase in yields sometimes up to 100%

  • Fertile and living land:

    • Increase in organic matter

    • Deeper rooting

    • Decrease in water requirements by 20 to 60%

    • Unpacked earth , even at depth. It becomes loose and crumbly - almost no need for plowing,

    • The soil behaves like a sponge and absorbs rainwater, reducing flooding and erosion

  • Reduced crop risk and yields less sensitive to climatic excesses

  • Contributes to lower fertilizer inputs by up to 80%.

of a stimulated plant

  • The autotrophic function is restored: this is its ability to synthesize and find in the soil itself the elements it needs to nourish and protect itself.

  • Its functions of natural immune defenses are restored

  • And thanks to the minerals in the soil, released by Sol Start , it will considerably improve its quality , its proteins and its taste, thus contributing to increasing the market value of your productions,

  • " Zero pesticides "

  • Much easier management.

  • Lower risks and increased profitability

Direct benefits

Environmental benefits

  • Regenerated soil absorbs a very large amount of CO2 and actively participates in reducing climate change . It has as much power as a forest.

  • Soil and groundwater are being cleaned up

  • Biodiversity, flora and fauna is reestablished: bees, ladybugs, birds, etc ... reappear and for example the Asian hornet is moving away,

  • Contribution to the preservation and improvement of human and animal health is unequivocal: eating a weakly oxidized food has no equivalent , it is to ensure its health, even on the viral aspects ...


We use and concentrate very pure seaweed and plant extracts ... like the Amazon rainforest ... ... where everything grows in abundance, without disease or pest insects!

These concentrates give signals to the soil and plants:

  • impulses that allow the soil to regenerate biologically,

  • stimuli that allow plants to grow in abundance, without disease or pest insects.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

By spraying them in small quantities on the ground, and on the plants, we find the same responses on the ground and on the plants as in these fertile zones. It is healthy nature that regenerates and heals nature. The original and powerful functions are simply restored.

How do our products work?